Makeup Routine for Dry Skin

Whether it’s due to climate change or simply a year round thing dry skin can be tricky to work with. If you find that no matter how careful you are with product amount and application it inevitably ends up looking cakey and patchy then this article is for you.


Dry skin craves moisture so a balm like moisturiser that soothes the skin is essential. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream (RRP – £70.00) is the perfect pre-makeup skin prep moisturiser, the molecular compound of the magic cream helps fill in the cracks and wrinkles that are more visible in dry skin and creates a smooth surface ready for makeup.



Understanding that there are primers that offer different effects depending on your skin concern will make finding one that works a whole lot easier. Opt for a moisturising primer like the Boutique Beauty Hydrating Primer (RRP – £3.00), it not only helps replenish the skin but acts as an extra barrier keeping the moisture locked in.



When picking a foundation it is important to pay attention to the product claims, ideally you’d want to pick a formula that is hydrating and illuminating, always pick a water based product as it is moisturising and usually has a dewy finish. A cult favourite for dry skin is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (RRP -£33.00).



Foundation Application

It can be tempting to reach for a makeup brush to apply your foundation but I’ve found that the best tool to use when dealing with dry skin is your hands or a beauty blender, the gentle stippling motion is not likely to cause micro exfoliation which otherwise would occur if foundation was being applied with a buffing brush.




The same foundation and application rules apply when it comes to picking a concealer for dry skin. You want to opt for a hydrating formula that doesn’t mattify once applied. MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer (RRP – £16.50) is my go to, it literally never fails me.



Setting/hydrating Spray

Skip baking and reach for a setting spray like MAC Fix+ (RRP – £19.00) instead. A setting spray takes care of any powdery looking bits on the skin and helps the makeup texture melt into one another seamlessly for a hydrated finish.