Just a collection of awesome mugs to celebrate International Coffee Day.


Ombre Mug £9.00 from Root7.com

Dip dyed and stylish, available in one of three choices, Flamingo, Aurora and Magma.


Colour Changing Unicorn Mug £9.99 from IWOOT



Knob Mug £9.99 from Menkind




Multi-ccino Mug £16.99 from The Fowndry

Coffee lover but struggle to make a latte? This mug has all the instructions so you can perfect your favourite coffee.


Sue Ure Handmade Mug, Pink £25 from Feathered Edge

Hand made by master potter Sue Ure, beautifully crafted and painted.




Llama Mug £12.99 from IWOOT




Global Warming Mug £8.99 from Urban Gifts

Every time it fills with hot liquid it will change colour, showing the water level rising  across  the mug, Perfect for those who like a daily reminder that we are wrecking the planet.




Stojo Collapsible Mug £12.99 from The Fowndry

Hate it when others use your mug, even if it has your name on it? Then this is for you, simply flat pack and put away or pull up and open when you want  drink, also ideal for on the go.



Surprise Mug £6.99 from IWOOT



Neon Mug £7.50 from Root7.com



Reduce waste with a reusable cup £8.95 from Ecoffee Cup

In the UK we are responsible for up to seven million takeaway cups going to landfill every single day, so add the reusable Ecoffee Cup with its resealable ‘drip proof’ lid to your cup collection. Manufactured using naturally sterile bamboo fibre (the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop) and corn starch, means it’s BPA and phthalate free. The cup is also fully dishwasher safe.



The Original Stromtrooper Espresso Mug Set costs from £14.99 at TheFowndry.com

The Coffee Is Strong In This One. Based on the original helmet moulds created back in 1976, these double-walled Stormtrooper ceramic mugs are the perfect pick me ups when you need a Hoth shot of espresso.