This Christmas season, head to Aubaine’s exclusive s’mores pop up at the Selfridges Kitchen on the fourth floor of Oxford Street.

Aubaine has put a festive, modern French twist to the traditional campfire s’more. Fluffy marshmallow sandwiched between two delicious gingerbread biscuits dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate.

As an extra special indulgence to delight the senses, each s’more can be personalised depending on your favourite choice of toppings, making a simple tradition into a more sophisticated treat.

Dip options and sprinkles will include dark, white, or milk chocolate. Sprinkles are cocoa nibs, hazelnut, pistachio, crispy rice, popping rice and raspberry bites.

Aubaine’s s’mores are available exclusively at the Selfridges Kitchen for £5. Visit any day of the week throughout the festive season.