Luxury chocolate company Love Cocoa, founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder John Cadbury, has launched Europe’s first ever vegan avocado chocolate bar.

Smashed on toast, blended into your smoothies and the perfect pool inflatable, from today you can buy it in chocolate form. Love Cocoa’s Avocado Dark Chocolate Bar combines 70% organic dark chocolate with the nutrient rich and creamy tasting fruit. It’s also vegan, so perfect for those with any dietary restrictions.

The avocado ingredient used in the bar is 100% natural freeze dried avocado pulp powder (from the best Hass avocados in the world), which contains the same taste, texture and nutrients of the green fruit. Combined with organic British dark chocolate, those with a sweet tooth will now be able to take their avo-obsession to the next level with the latest Love Cocoa grown-up treat, that’s packed full of nutritional benefits too.

Love Cocoa reinvent British favourites with contemporary twists to produce the best quality handmade chocolate and the Avocado Dark Chocolate Bar isn’t the chocolate business’ first quirky creation. To date they’ve experimented with classic English flavours including Maldon Sea Salt, Earl Grey Tea, Gin & Tonic, Honey & Honeycomb and Crushed Coffee, all handmade in Great Britain.

Love Cocoa’s Avocado Dark Chocolate Bar is available to buy now on Love Cocoa’s website, priced at £4.25.