BLD: Hankies Restaurant, London

Nestled in a side street down the road from Marble Arch, Hankies is located in situ with a hotel. The location is so central to London and the tube which makes is accessible for all. You walk up the stairs to find a comfortable atmosphere, the lighting is soft with a cosy feel as soon as you walk in. There is a nod to India in the décor, the colour palette is dark neutral colours with bold splashes, matching the food perfectly. 

As a couple we over ordered, the menu is lavish and filled with lots of small dishes. The variety is great however trying to decide is a nightmare there are just so many to choose from. The waiters were very helpful and helped guide us through the menu to our final selections. Once we had chosen the wait wasn’t long at all, out come an array of plates full of colour, beautifully presented.

Truffle Naan

Each one was different; we started with the truffle naan with cheddar, cumin and shaved truffle, followed by a wide selection including classic butter chicken and raita.

Butter Chicken

We also tucked into the Bhindi Bhel, a mixture of crispy okra, rice puff, sweet chutney, onions, and coriander. My favourite dish was the chilli lamb, it was tender with a spice on the side which you dipped the meat in, the flavours of the meat combined with the paprika and mustard oil were the pinnacle for me.

Crispy Cod

I accompanied my meal with a mango Lassi which was the right amount of sweet to counteract the spice, as my tolerance for spice is low. Saying that I never felt that anything was too much.

Bhindi Bhel

I didn’t opt for a pudding but my friend did, she ordered a Gulukhand Kheer, she preferred the mains to the dessert, but I was so full from the other courses, that pudding wasn’t needed.

Gulukhand Kheer

I loved the vibe, the flavours and people. The only thing I disliked slightly was the temperature of the restaurant because it’s a thoroughfare it’s hard to heat so a good jumper was needed. However, considering that was my only downside I would highly recommend a visit. The price wasn’t extortionate and considering we were paying for some really expensive dishes I didn’t feel cheated. I’d go for the experience, if your mothers in town take her out here or if you fancy a little treat this is your place.



Hankies Restaurant
61 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 7PP,
+44 20 7958 3222