Chronic sleep deprivation is causing millions of Brits to argue.

A study of 2,000 UK adults found nearly half are more likely to become argumentative after a bad night’s sleep.

The research found the average Brit will get just six and a half hours sleep a night – a fifth less than the recommended eight hours.

And 44 per cent of those polled are getting six hours or less a night, with one in 20 getting as little as four hours each evening.

But a poor night’s sleep doesn’t only result in a short temper, as 42 per cent admit they are less productive while a quarter (24 per cent) said their decision making is worsened.

A fifth are less likely to care about how they look the morning after a restless night, and 31 per cent said they’re more likely to suffer from headaches or feel under the weather.

Scientific evidence has shown the detrimental effects of just one bad night’s sleep on both our health and mental wellbeing.

The research, commissioned by Simba, is to raise awareness of the importance of better sleep.

The study also found a quarter are more likely to spend time by themselves after a bad night’s sleep and one in seven even admitted to being more likely to ‘cave’ under pressure.

A further 17 per cent said they’re more confrontational when not getting their full eight hours of rest, but it’s not just a bad night’s sleep which is likely to make Brits argue.

It also emerged one in four are more inclined to snap when feeling hungry, with over a third more likely to blow a fuse when already in a bad mood.

And 28 per cent are more likely to have a quarrel with someone when tired from being overworked.

External factors such as building works or traffic outside the window can also ignite more arguments the following day.

Simba CEO, Steve Reid, added: “Better sleep gives our brains the right conditions for rational decision making and calmer emotional reactions.

“It is scientifically proven that the more rested we are, the more we’re likely to be a bit kinder and empathetic.”

Top 20 things most likely to make us argue:

  1. Having a bad night’s sleep
    2. Generally being in a bad mood
    3. Not being listened to
    4. Being tired from work
    5. Being nagged to do something
    6. Being in chronic pain
    7. Being hungry
    8. Having a headache
    9. Being kept up at night by external factors such as building works, passers-by etc.
    10. Technology breaking or not working
    11. Getting stuck in traffic
    12. Bad drivers on the road
    13. Being late/someone else being late
    14. Being kept up at night by a partner
    15. Receiving bad news
    16. Being an uncomfortable temperature
    17. Delays on public transport
    18. Forgetting to do something
    19. Speaking to/seeing someone I don’t like
    20. Having a full workload at work