Beverly Hills Formula’s Professional White* range is said to be the most effective and least abrasive in teeth whitening.

The charcoal specialists and oral hygiene experts have been perfecting activated charcoal benefits for years. Their innovative formula combines the perfect amount of activated charcoal with hydrated silica, which results in an amplifying whitening boost.

Was I about to find out why everyone who lives in Beverley Hills has those to-die-for pearly whites? I put Beverly Hills Formula’s Professional White to the test.

Initial thoughts

The brand claims that, when tested against other leading dental hygiene brands,Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes removed up to 69.7% of stains in 5 minutes. Other leading toothpaste brands scoring as low as 9.4%.

I’ll be frank; this is pretty well aligned to what I thought.

I felt like I belonged in an advert after I was done brushing my teeth, gliding my tongue across my teeth and smiling in the mirror. The only thing missing was a wink and a double thumbs up.

Simply put, my mouth felt ultra-clean, and the product seemed promising from the outset.

On-going use

As I continued using my Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste, I noticed my teeth were getting brighter. My mild tannin stains situated on the surface of my bottom teeth (coffee overload, don’t @ me) were also improving. 

Whilst I haven’t seen a complete removal of these stains, they have got better. Prolonged use of the product will enable me to see results that outshine the teeth of all Beverly Hills residents.

I’m more than happy to continue using this product until another tube runs out. Luckily for me, the product is the least abrasive on my teeth (and the remineralising serum does wonders).

Beverly Hills Formula – a final verdict

My check ups at the dentist have always resulted in room for improvement. So allow my dentist’s feedback to be the final verdict.

My dentist’s feedback: “excellent oral hygiene.”

Yep, with no tips or tricks, just of course to come back for my regular dental check in six months. I even didn’t make him aware of the product I was using, so this was a complete unbiased comment from my dentist. I’m happy, and I love the product.

Beverly Hills Formula Black Pearl Professional White Toothpaste and Enamel Remineralising Serum are available online and in most Superdrug stores.

*These samples were sent to me in exchange for a review. This has in no way affected the content of this post, which is a true reflection of my opinion of the product.