Five Green Hacks for Fitness Buffs

Recycle for London recently launched their One Bin is Rubbish campaign – aimed at encouraging Londoners to recycle more within their own home after research showed that over a third of Londoners said they would recycle more if they had another bin at home. This of course applies to the rest of the country too.

When training, create more waste than we think: from water bottles to protein shake containers to glucose sachets, there is a lot of plastic to throw away.

Here are a few creative tips from Recycle for London to recycle or upcycle your rubbish, helping keep our environment clean while you work out:

  • Upcycle that giant plastic protein tub. Its empty and collecting dust, so use it to grow your pot plants in. It’s the perfect size!
  • Sticking with the upcycling theme, mason jars make the perfect smoothie or protein shake container.
  • Cyclists, this one is for you. Ever wondered what to do with your old tyres? Re-use them as tyre liners to keep broken glass from giving you a flat.
  • Upcycle old plastic bottles. Cut them in half horizontally, fill them with soil and pop in a plant to make a beautiful little pot plant that is light enough to suspend from a window sill or ceiling.
  • To prevent your family or housemates from instinctively throwing away cans, glass and plastic, keep an old bucket under the sink to store them in after you’ve rinsed them out.