Chessington World of Adventures Resort has just announced a nationwide call for ALL unwanted Valentine’s Day perfumes (yes, you heard that right). 


Zoo Keepers would like guests to donate their unwanted Valentine’s gifts to a new tiger enclosure, Land of the Tiger, which will be opening this spring.

Anyone whose loved one gets it completely wrong this Valentine’s Day with a poor choice of perfume or aftershave, has the opportunity to donate it to a good home, as Chessington’s Carnivore Keepers look to develop an enrichment programme for the incoming Amur tigers. Exposing the tigers to different scents within their enclosure, creates the diversity of an environment they would experience in the wild.

All guests have to do is donate their smellies at Chessington’s Lodge Gate, anytime between 10am and 4pm during February half term this week. The scents will then be released into the enclosure once the tigers have arrived and settled into their new home.

Michael ‘Zim’ Zurnamer, Carnivore Supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said:

“Sensory enrichment is key here at Chessington to keep our animals stimulated. We often take bedding and materials from other animals in our Zoo, as well as unwanted deodorants from our guests, because the different smells get the animals’ brains and senses going as they realise something different has been trailed through their enclosure, just as various scents would cross their path in the wild.

“We have all received things for Valentine’s Day that aren’t to our taste, and perfumes are often a go-to choice when it comes to gift buying. This way, even if the recipient doesn’t want them, we can put them to a good home and our new tigers will love them!”

The introduction of the tigers and the enrichment programme is pivotal to Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s Learn Your Stripes initiative, which aims to educate guests about the endangered Amur tiger in an on-going series of activities and events.

Land of the Tiger launches at Chessington World of Adventures Resort on Saturday May 5. For more information visit